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Meanwhile, forty stairs later

Chika: *paints* How could she walk wearing so much...?

Michiru: I don't know.

[Very cheap sound effect]

Yuuta: Hey you two!

Michiru: Hi yuuta.

Chika: The fuck you are doing here?

Yuuta: ShiShi,

Chika: That ass...

Yuuta: Told me to tell Michiru that he must learn you [points to Chika] what girl means in every language.

Chika: [grumbles] Once this is over, I'll crush his 'pretty face'.

Michiru: Alright, tell him I started already!

Yuuta: Ok, byebye!

[cheap sound effect and smoke]

Michiru: let's begin.

Chika: Dear god why?

Michiru: meisie, vajzë, فتاة,

Twenty stairs later.

Michiru: девојка, dievča, dekle, chica...

Chika: Wait a sec, Chica?

Michiru: Yep, in spanish your name means girl. I knew you had a inner housewife, but not that you had such a femininity. XD

Chika: I'm going to kill you!

Michiru: No, you won't.

Chika: Why shouldn't I?

Michiru: Because the readers surely would like to see me ending up with you, instead of Shiba. Ain't I right?

Chika:...fine, but only because of the readers. Who are they anyway anyway?

Michiru: people who read this and other story's. Thanks to those who reviewed and reading this story. [Bows deeply]

Chika: Talk about breaking the fourth wall...

Michiru: [Kicks him. Lvl: Tsundere]

Chika: dammit, I learned her to well...

Meanwhile on set.

Shito: [Walks over to readers with cookie in hand] Here is your cookie as promised, Tyurruu-San. Thank you for reading 'death'. The other one can get a hug from me, because the author loves the people who review. Thanks to those who have reviewed or read this story. [Hugs readers]. We should continue, right. Ok...Ah! The princess follows the light into a room in the tower, where the light turns into a spinning wheel.

Chika: F*ck those stairs and that ass.

Shito: akatsuki, act like a proper lady.

Chika: I'll beat you properly up!

Shito: Now, now. Don't get unladylike.

Chika: Shut up!

Michiru: [glares at the both of them, they gulp] For the case you didn't know, I wan to end this as soon as possible. So, CONTINUE!

Shito: Sassy Michiru is sassy. Aurora starts to reach towards it with her left hand.

Chika: Why left hand?

Shito: [Ignores] In a flash of light, Aurora touches the spindle with the middle finger.

Chika: Why her middle finger?

Shito: Michiru, kick him.

Michiru: With pleasure. [kicks chika in the back. He falls unconscious.]

Shito: Maleficent turns beside, revealing Aurora laying face-down on the floor.

Momoka: [Looks at Michiru with new light] Wow, you kick hard 0_0

Shito: Cut. OK, we need to change clothes. Good job everyone!
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SaMiYumiI18 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Hahahahaha. Michiru is such a bastard.
Hey, I have a little corrections:
-*pants* "How could she walk wearing so much..."
-"Thanks to those who have reviewed or read this story."
-"I want to ...END? this as soon as possible"... when Michiru scolds them.

Hey! I loved the part where Shito hugs us...I love Shito, so I love his hugs.
zombieusagi Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I corrected it. Stupid me <-<
SaMiYumiI18 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
Don't worry. I love the story, so I'll help.
zombieusagi Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Haha,thanks ^^
And what about chapter six?
SaMiYumiI18 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
It was great!
zombieusagi Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
[link] here is chapter one of new story.

[link] Chapter 2 ^^

[link] And gallery.
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