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27 June, start of Summer vacation.

8:00 PM

Michiru sighed. She missed her interview for a part time job. 'Thanks to them.' You see, on the exact moment that the said girl wanted to go, Chika and Shito found an illegal zombie and dragged her with them. After they killed the zombie, Michiru ran to the shop, only finding out that it is closed.

'Maybe I should have objected, but I would get killed anyway.' She was walking to the canteen of her dorms, only to feel a dark aura. Chika, Koyomi and Shito were looking at her with a glare.

"Guys, what-"

Chika opened his mouth. "Shut up, weakling!" He said with a growl.

'like I want to be one.' The lavender haired girl thought.

"Akatsuki is right, you're nothing but a burden." Shito's words threw a dagger in her hart.

'Not you to.'

"What is the problem?" She asked. It made Koyomi scowl at her.

"What is the problem? You are! You do nothing but whining and being depressed. You made the dorm's aura drop!" Michiru winched at her so called friends words.

"G-" Before she could ask another question, she got punched in the stomach while flying to the wall.

"SHUT UP, BITCH!" The white haired male said. Shito walked out of his chair and kicked Michiru. She coughed blood up.

Koyomi walked to Michiru and cut her left shoulder with a kitchen knife. Chika and Shito summoned their weapons. Chika cut her under a chest and Shito shoot her five times in her right shoulder.

"I'll leave." The girl said while blood came out of her eyes. Chika kicked her to the door.

"Don't come back." His words made Michiru's heart break. She walked outside the dorms into town.

'Why? Why did they do this? Am I that weak?' The questions ran in her head while she walked to an old abandoned house. She couched more and more blood.

"I'll guess I'll die soon." She said with a bitter tone. She closed her eyes and waited for the reaper to take here.

But someone wanted something else. A dark purple, spiky haired male walked towards Michiru. He had red evil eyes. He wore a dark with gold and purple cloak with under a black and golden shirt and black pants and boots. He looked like a royalty.

Behind him was a female with red eyes and red hair in a ponytail and wore the same things as the male, but without the gold and instead of pants and the shirt she wore a revealing black dress.

"Aiyoku, heal her." He demanded. The said woman walked to her. "Cure!" And with the words spoken, the wounds and blood disappeared. The girls eyes fluttered open.

"Who are you?" She asked. The male smirked.

"I'm prince Kuro of the Kurai kingdom and that woman there is Aiyoku, my lifeguard." He answered the confused girl. She smiled at the man.


"Michiru Kita, right? You poor girl, attacked for no reason." The woman said with pity.

"Aiyoku, let me do the talking. Would you like to come with me?" Kuro asked.

"Huh?" The girl was confused.

"Do you want to become stronger and be a queen? The take my and we'll run away form this pathetic excuse of a world." The prince said while lending a hand to Michiru. She accept the hand and when she got up, the spiky haired male kissed her hand. "I will stay loyal to you till the end."

Suddenly a port appeared before the trio. Out of it came a male with red eyes and black hair. He wears the same as kuro, but less fancy and with blood. He smirked at his prince.

"Gekido here. I beat them up. The can't walk for five days. They'd shouldn't have said that to me, I complete got angry at them. Damn basterds!" He raged. "That albino tried to kill me and badmounted lavender girl. I said that he should have kept his mouth and kicked him till tomorrow." He said smiling a victorious smile.

Michiru had respect for the bodyguards of the prince. "You are amazing! Can you teach me how to fight?" She said with excitement in her voice. The group looked surprised before the laughed and smiled at their future queen.

"Of course hunny!" Aiyoku said whit a amused face. Gekido nodded with his comrade. Kuro broke the happy aura. "I'm sorry, but we need to go." He took Michiru's hand and led her to the port.

In kurai Kingdom.

Michiru looked at the wealthy town. She was practically struck by the beauty of the kingdom. "This place is beautiful!" Her voice chimed. Kuro smiled at her, or at least that's what she thought. In fact he was smirking at her.

"Thank you, dear. It feels great to get compliments from you. But I even have a more beautiful castle. So let's go there first." He voiced. His bodyguard followed him and the girl to the castle.

In castle

"I need to go to my father. Go eat. You didn't do that since long time, huh?" Kuro said to Michiru. She nodded. "Urami, come show my woman where the eating room is." A light blue haired female with red eyes. She wore a black cloak with red shirt underneath and black combat boots with black pants. She scanned Michiru with her eyes.

"What a cutie, I'm envious. Let me show you the way." She said and led Michiru to the room. Kuro was heading to the throne room. On the throne was an older version of Kuro, looking serious.

"And?" He asked. His son answered quickly. "We got all the preparations. Soon we'll get married, but first we got to get her inner demon out." The male smirked. The king looked pleased and then they both laughed evilly.

Meanwhile Michiru was done eating and talking to Michiru. "Chiru, we need to do a ritual in order to get you some powers." Urami was envious, because Michiru got to be a princess and not her.

"Uhm, OK." Michiru hesitantly answered. Urami bolted up. "Alright! Let's go!" The woman grabbed the girl arms and ran to the 'room'. After a while running, they came in a dark room, lighted with purple flames.

"Step here." A priester said. Michiru stood on the circle and it light up and she fell unconscious. The last thing she heard was her name being called out but it was to late. "Let the demon ritual, begin!" all the people surrounded the girls and started to chant the words. Soon the whole room was blinded with light. When it disappeared, Michiru's hair was dark red-purple. She fluttered with here eyes, the colour malice red. She stood slowly up but didn't say anything. Kuro walked to her and caressed her cheeks.

"You're finally awake, my dear."

Meanwhile in tokyo

"MICHIRU!" A certain white haired boy screamed.

"Michiru!" Shito screamed.

"Michiru-Chan!" Koyomi screamed while getting desperate. Chika fell to the ground with a large cut on his shoulder.

"Damn those four!" He screamed to the sky.

Well, how was it? This is my longest chapter ever.

Any mistake? Please report it to me.

Love it or hate it,

Rate and review about it.
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